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Apr 12
Stimulus checks: Missing a payment? File an IRS trace to track it down
Apr 08
RT @wesbury: Corporations are just pieces of paper...they don’t pay taxes; customers, workers and shareholders do, through higher prices, l…
Mar 24
RT @ArchithNEWS: BREAKING: Georgia Governor @GovKemp says effective March 25th, anyone over the age of 16, will be eligible for a vaccinat…
Mar 24
RT @wesbury: The most revenue the Federal Gov’t has ever collected as a share of GDP was 20% in 2000, when spending was just 17.7% of GDP.…
Mar 24
RT @wesbury: From 1960 to 2021 (61 years), the US has run a Federal Budget Surplus only 6 times - 1960,1969,1998-2001. In those six years,…